John Thomas Financial: A Financial Services Company with the Passion for Excellence


As a leading provider of individual brokerage and investment banking solutions, the privately held financial services firm John Thomas Financial has never failed to satisfy the needs of its clients. This company has been widely known throughout the US for its incomparable dedication in assisting groups and individuals in attaining financial success. In fact, this company is driven with the core principle stating that the success of the clients is the company’s success as well. It has also proved to the world its capability of upholding the principals of integrity, excellence, and dedication in providing exceptional services to each client.

There are several facts that can be attributed to the great success of John Thomas Financial over the years of its extensive operations. One of these is the company’s certification and membership to several renowned professional organizations in the financial services industry. These organizations include the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ), and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Another factor that determines the well-established reputation of this company is the consistency of the increase in the size of its customer base distributed in the entire US. As seen on the numerous positive remarks in the reviews about the services of this company, it can be said that it has been able to meet all of the client’s needs within the given time frame. In addition, the company is also composed of notable business executives such as its CEO Thomas Belesis, an awardee of the 2009 Bronx GOP Many of the Year Award and the 2010 New Face of Finance Award.

Aside from providing brokerage and investment services, John Thomas Financial has also excellently delivered market analysis and research services. Its team members in this area of financial service are consistently trained in order to make the most appropriate response to the specific needs of the clients. They are also trained to be competent with the ever changing trends in this industry. Wayne Kaufman, the company’s Chief Market Analyst compiles a weekly independent investment guide called the Kaufman Report. This guide features detailed overviews of industries and market indexes dedicated to inform global investment decisions. Also, Wayne Kaufman has served as a regular commentator on CNBC.

The office of this company is located at 14 Wall Street, 23rd Floor, New York, New York with telephone number (800) 257-1537 and (212) 299-7816. Inquiries and other transactions can also be sent through fax at (800) 598-9945.

How Foam Mattresses Improve the Quality of Your Sleep


Of all things you gaze forward to in the day, most of you can’t deny that doze is one of them. doze not only assists you sustain a powerful and wholesome immune scheme, but furthermore keeps your alertness and functionality up to par throughout the day. In short, your body desires doze just as much as it desires oxygen, water, and nourishment. According to the nationwide doze base, “To get the most out of our sleep, both quantity and quality are important.”

What can improve the value of your doze more so than a memory foam mattress?

recollection foam molds itself according to the heat and pressure that your body donates off as you lie down. one time you are no longer on the bed, the recollection foam reverts back to its original pattern because the force that you used on the foam mattress is taken.

How does this help you precisely?

By lying on the mattress, you permit the recollection foam to conform to the natural lines and bends of your body. This way, you are relaxing in a space molded specifically by and for your body.

After you consider how much pressure you place on each of your junctions on a every day cornerstone and furthermore when you sleep, on your hips and bears if you are inclined to lie on your edge, or your lower back if you doze on your back, you would think that this mattress would be your go-to mattress. These mattresses decrease the force you location on your junctions, but these mattresses do this without having the mattress itself impel back against your junctions because of its special, body-conforming properties. As agony and force are reassured this way, the quality of your doze is advanced, and substantially more serene.